Hello world!






...this and other pictures will be expounded upon in another post

Hello World…of blogging! After some internal debate I, Lauren, (pictured above with my wonderful dad, often referred to as “Diddy”) finally decided today to take the plunge into the world of blogging. I was a little hesitant at first because I kept telling myself, “You’re going to have to do this everyday and update it regularly and if you don’t people will get mad and then no one will read what you have written…” (I had to stop myself because clearly someone was getting ahead of their self, presupposing that people would actually read what I have to write)


Regardless, here I am, my first blog. And I don’t even know what to write about accept for my nervousness about not knowing what to write and hypothetical non-readers.


Se le vie.


I guess I’ll start with this thought I’ve been musing on today…


What does it mean to be rich? My mind immediately goes to money. Anyone that has a lot of money is rich and I think our society categorizes even further with money and things. If you have a lot of money AND a lot of things, then you my friend, are rich. However, as I thought about this and the parable in Matthew 19:24 where Jesus talks about it being easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man too, I began to ponder what being rich and getting through the eye of a needle really has to do with Jesus and Heaven…                                                  


Well then it hit me in Mass like a ton of bricks and thank goodness because it was a good ton of bricks. It’s not necessarily the possessions which make it difficult for the rich man to enter into the kingdom of God but rather the emphasis and value and priority which is given to them. I feel like a rich man can enter the kingdom of Heaven as easily as a poor man, so long as he is willing to give it ALL up for Jesus. We are all blessed in different seasons of life with different kinds of riches but I think what Jesus is trying to get at here is to place NOTHING before him; that no amount of money, no thing, no person, no circumstance should take priority before him. It’s not wrong to be rich; the caution is in what you do with your riches and if you are willing to lay it all down if called to do so.


Which got me to thinking about this green sweater I bought in Ireland…

I know a bit of a switch in thinking but as I was driving home from work I was trying to think of what I could purge from my closet because I didn’t want to get caught up in putting too much value in my stuff. Then I got real radical and thought about what would be the one thing in my closet I wouldn’t want to get rid of and I immediately thought of a green wool sweater I bought on the Aran Islands my senior year of college when I took a random trip there with a girl from my cross country team, Beth. It had been the goal of my trip to find a good sweater and I was delighted when I found this green gem (at the time it did not matter to me that it was 3 sizes too big and incredibly bulky). I bought it, wore it the whole time because it was freezing and promptly put it in my closet at home where it has resided for the last 2 and a half years. I don’t wear this sweater but I’ve held onto it because it holds memories of a really wonderful trip and wonderful people. However, when it comes down to it, I have more sweaters than I care to share with the public and in all reality will probably never wear it on a regular basis. So it’s going to Goodwill, along with some memories.

So I guess I pose a challenge: Think of one thing you have which you place a significant amount of value in and worth and maybe…get rid of it.